This Stool in a Box Makes for Breezy Shipping and Assembly

 - Dec 24, 2015
References: yankodesign
Furniture manufacturers have a growing interest in making their products flat-pack-able, with this Stool in a Box as a prime example. Big box furniture stores recognize that they can store more inventory this way, devote less time and fewer resources to assembly and shipping, and offer competitive prices since the consumers take on some of the labor. The challenge, though, comes in making these kit-like objects enchanting.

This––Ivan Ho's Yodeeza Stool––is rather simple, yet delightful. The set comes with a pair of bent wood support parts, a disk-like seat and a fastening component that contributes a bit of playfulness. The same sort of knob that you've seen on a plumbing valve is what secures this Stool in a Box. The unexpected element makes putting the chair together and taking it apart an unusually lighthearted process.