Lake and Wells Designs a Storage Unit with Small Spaces in Mind

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: lakeandwells & trendir
The Folding Shelves is a great alternative for small spaces, particularly shoebox condos that have been popping up right, left and center around the world of late. It's a space-saving alternative that will will help people utilize every inch of their home in an efficient and economical way. When not in use, the Folding Shelves rest flat against the wall. When added surfaces are needed, they fold down to provide just that.

Designed by Mark Kinsley of Lake and Wells, a studio based in Chicago, Illinois, the Folding Shelves is part of the larger Riveli Shelving Luxe Series. Trendir describes, "It's an easy-to-install modular system of individual pivoting aluminum shelves. Lightweight, and sturdy at the same time." Available in a slew of finishes, the Folding Shelves easily adds to the decor of the home as well.