This Naturally Sweetened Pie Dessert is a Nutritious Treat

The 'Chubby Vegetarian' blog recently put together a recipe for a naturally sweetened dessert that is made from only whole ingredients. While frozen desserts are a popular summer treat, these dishes are often packed with unhealthy ingredients and extra sugar. This recipe relies on wholesome ingredients to produce a nutritious after-dinner treat.

Rather than using a traditional pie crust, this recipe uses finely chopped peanuts for the base. The filling of the pie is made from a combination of frozen bananas, cocoa powder, almond milk and peanut butter. The use of whole ingredients and healthy fruit means that this recipe is completely free from gluten and dairy. The pie is also naturally sweetened with dried dates, making it sugar-free and low-fat as well.

This naturally sweetened dessert is the perfect guilt-free dish for late summer parties.