This Personalized Clothing Allows You to Promote a Unique Identity

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: psfk
Wear personalized clothing by incorporating your face and story onto your clothes. Project Abstract is allowing customers to use their face and story as the basis for the color and pattern used to make their clothing. The process for customers starts with photographing their facial expressions on webcam, followed by writing a personal story about anything -- good or bad -- as long as its personal. The data collected will then be used to create an abstract pattern.

By taking personalized clothing to the next level, the team behind Project Abstract, made up of fashion designers, textile designers and interaction designers, creates a unique abstract, personalized pattern.

Along with giving customers the power to contribute their story, Project Abstract is also trying to reduce waste. By creating garments that customers will have an emotional connection to, they are less likely to dispose of it. Also, these garments are made on an on demand basis, not in bulk.