This Smoothie Recipe Uses Anti-Aging Goji Berries to Increase Health

 - Jul 31, 2015
Remaining ageless might be a fairy tale for now, but this anti-aging smoothie made with goji berries is a simple way to slow down the process. The amazing health benefits of goji berries are a proven way for millennials to maintain their youthful glows.

Along with a hearty helping of goji berries, this tasty smoothie is made with a medley of fruit like bananas and fresh raspberries. In addition, this anti-aging smoothie is blended with energizing chia and flax seed ingredients that are proven to increase physical performance and enhance mood.

For millennials, the idea of aging might seem overwhelming but the consistent use of goji berry in one's diet can actually boost immune functions, protect vision, and prevent heart disease. These powerful berries also increase brain health and protect against diseases such as Alzheimer's. While this tasty fruit won't stop aging altogether, it will aid in the longevity of vitality, physical and mental health.