From Portable Recovery Snacks to Cookie Batter Packets

 - Apr 20, 2016
These examples of portable food pouches are becoming popular formats for consuming everything from cookie batter to fruit purees and yogurt on the go.

This form of packaging is commonly used for keeping baby food fresh, but it is now being adopted by key players in the food industry who understand that many consumers desire a quick, easy and mess-free way to fuel up without utensils. For instance, Chobani introduced snack-sized pouches with resealable caps for a few of its best yogurt flavors.

Standout portable food pouches include CLIF Bar's Organic Energy Food line, which includes a pizza-flavored energy shot, single-serving fudge cake-flavored almond butter packets from D's Naturals and fortified fruit pouches for kids from Fruit Me Up! Several of these products make the most of this condensed format and pack in superfood ingredients with extra nutritional benefits.