The 'Doga' Infographic Outlines Playful Poses for Dogs and Owners

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: fix & designtaxi
The website created an inforgraphic called 'Doga' that allows pet owners to collaborate with their pooches as a workout buddy. This illustrated guide not only benefits dog owners, but it also allows the pooches to relax too.

The images display poses to conduct with small blurbs on proper execution and safety procedures. There are numerous poses that accommodate various sized dogs. Some of the poses include chaturanga, savasana and wheelbarrow.

Doga is the perfect guide that combines exercise and bonding. Humans and dogs seek the same relaxation and calmness that is achieved through peaceful yoga and deep stretching. This guide ultimate strengthens the bond, trust and the love between each canine and their owner.