From Healing Crystal Decor to Religious Wedge Heels

 - Dec 23, 2015
These spiritual gift ideas range from portable spell kits to stationary sets that encourage one to get more in tune with their feelings. Whether promoting meditation and mental wellness or celebrating religious traditions, these products range from charming knick knacks to upscale items that are intricately crafted.

Standouts include a 3D-printed prayer mat by designer Othman Khunji -- whose creation appeals to Islamic demographics -- along with Sebastian Errazuriz' Virgin Mary shoes that are a stylish take on Christianity. Other religious-specific examples include inspirational art prints and wall decals that quote iconic bible versus or ancient scripts.

Other notable spiritual gift ideas include DIY mandalas that can be wall-hung to ward off evil spirits and spiritual communication pillows that are inspired by traditional Ouija board game layouts.