This Journal is Designed to Foster Personal Development

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: soulkompass & indiegogo
'SoulKompass' is a unique stationary set that is designed to foster personal development. While other planners and notebooks are designed for organizing daily activities, SoulKompass provides a way of tracking personal progress.

SoulKompass comes as a comprehensive kit, which includes a weekly planner, a journal and access to an online community. The weekly planner is designed to help users optimize tasks that mean the most to them, while the journal provides a place to document experiences. These tools help foster personal development and provide an easy way to track individual progress. SoulKompass also gives users access to an online community that provides inspiration and support to help them reach their personal goals.

The idea behind the unique stationary set is to give people a user-friendly way of planning personal goals and reflecting on their progress.