Good Vibes Spray is Handmade in NYC from Quartz and Crystals

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: shop.nylon
Made from essential oils, selected quartz and crystals, Good Vibes Spray is a mystical elixir that promises to bring good vibrations your way. Available in the beauty section of the Nylon store, the healing crystal-infused spray is handmade in New York City and can be sprayed in the air or spritzed on one's face. The crystal-infused spray comes in a spray bottle and several varieties including 'Crystal Cactus.'

The Good Vibes Spray is a curious convergence of enthusiastic beauty fanatics and the new age scene. Focused on achieving a positive sense of self, healing crystals are possibly the most mainstream new age practice. A product like that of a crystals-infused spray suggests individuals are taking the practice more seriously and this influence is seen in all realms, including cosmetics.