Othman Khunji's Prayary Adds Incentive to Religious Rituals

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: vimeo & 3ders.org
When designer Othman Khunji set out to create Prayary, a 3D-printed prayer mat, the intention was to create an object that would make it worthwhile for children and adults to remember why there is meaning in worshiping Allah.

Through the movements that are involved during Islamic Prayer, the high-tech prayer mat's mechanisms are set to create a Misbah rosary. After the prayer process has been completed, away from the mat, people are left with a reminder of their religious beliefs that they can wear.

Although the prayer process is not interrupted in any way, the traditional prayer mat is reimagined with woodcutting, laser cutting and 3D-printing so that there is appeal to modern audiences who may need some coaxing when it comes to religious practice.