From Circular Hidden Sanctuaries to Translucent Steel Churches

 - Sep 18, 2015
These charming church designs demonstrate that modern architecture has significantly changed the size and shape of our religious institutions. In the past, churches were designed to be imposing structures with stunning architectural details. However, contemporary churches have largely moved away from this singular construction model.

One of the major changes in church architecture is the size of the structures being build. Due to the constraints of modern living, many chapels feature small and minimalist designs that allow them to fit into urban spaces. Some of these charming chapel designs include circular hidden sanctuaries, convenience store churches and mobile wedding chapels.

Aside from changes in size, many modern churches also feature unexpected architectural details. While traditional chapels feature uniform designs, these modern structures boast unorthodox architecture. Some of these unique chapel designs include nature-integrated churches, translucent steel sanctuaries and prismatic wedding chapels.