The St. Barnabas Church in Sydney Has an Undulating Top Half

 - May 15, 2014
References: & designboom
After being burned down in 2006, the St. Barnabas Church in Sydney was in need of a rebuild, so architecture firm Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp came to the rescue.

The new design features a very white-washed look both inside and out, but perhaps the most stunning feature is the roof. This section rises and falls in various areas, staying away from a straight-across shape. In the congregation area daylight is able to shine through, and the higher roof makes the space look that much more open and spacious. Many of the forms inside the building are curved too, avoiding right angles wherever possible.

The new St. Barnabas Church is fit for worship thanks to the Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp firm. Photo Credits: designboom,