From Occult Dark Lipsticks to Leather Chainsaw Bags

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gifts for goths range from dark lipstick cosmetics to leather chainsaw bags that embody a spooky style aesthetic. Prevalent in the late 90s and early 00s, goths were known for their rocker-themed look -- often consisting of all-black clothing and pale-faced makeup that was paired with a signature black lip.

Today, this subculture has spanned into countless streams -- ranging from Cyber and Health Goth versions to a more subdued Pastel Goth aesthetic. These gifts for goths include vixen-inspired patent leather wedges and spiderweb fascinators along with caged wrap skirts and studded flats that feature cross-inspired details.

Aside from fashion examples, more standouts include skull-shaped shaving brushes for the male goth in your life along with skeletal door knockers and even animal skull figurines that are 3D-printed.