From Upscale Chocolate Clubs to Bespoke Biscuit Packs

 - Jan 21, 2016
These examples of artisanal confection branding range from artistic chocolate bars to bespoke cookie boxes. In addition to sweets that marry premium ingredients with elegant packaging, confection brands are branching out with custom perks like online subscriptions for consumers with a serious sweet tooth -- Mast Brothers' gourmet chocolate range is now available to club members who can subscribe to receive a quarterly treat delivery.

When examining artisanal confections, a focus on nutritious or origins-focused branding is prevalent. While La Naya Chocolate's packaging promotes a bean-to-bar philosophy and brand origins, Le Chocolat des Francais appeals to DIY enthusiasts by turning its chocolate bar wrappers into fun coloring pages for kids.

Furthermore, examples like blueprint chocolate boxes and sophisticated macaron packs boast elegant graphics that bring an upscale brand identity to life.