Le chocolat des Francais Boasts Illustrated Branding and Web Design

 - Jan 12, 2015
References: lechocolatdesfrancais.fr & behance.net
Le chocolat des Francais is an authentic confectioner selling French-made snacks that are 100% organic. In addition to featuring all natural cocoa butter ingredients and no added preservatives, the chocolate e-retailer also boasts artfully illustrated packaging that is almost too beautiful to open.

Designed by Paul-Henri Masson, Le chocolat des Francais' website and packaging will appeal to graphic design lovers with a sweet tooth. The confectioner's shop interiors and website both mirror one another and are all about showcasing the art behind each of its packages.

These packages are displayed in a way art would be within a gallery, an aesthetic that is repeated both on the snack manufacturer's web platform and inside of their physical stores. In addition, each of the company's individual products doubles as a keepsake or edible art piece.