Antidote Chocolate's Raw and Roasted Products Feature Colorful Packaging

 - Jun 26, 2015
References: antidotechoco
Antidote Chocolate's raw and roasted products are not only incredibly delicious but also feature natural health benefits and colorful packaging. Each of Antidote's organic treats boasts a high cacao content and features little to no added sweetener.

These organically sourced chocolate products include bars that feature 73%, 77% and 84% cocoa counts. The high potency snacks will appeal to dark chocolate fans who aren't keen on artificial sweeteners and added sugars in their snacks.

In addition to plain dark chocolate flavors, Antidote's bars include Almond and Fennel, Banana and Cayenne and Rose Salt and Lemon varieties that feature affordable price tags and colorful packaging. The brand's packaging is designed with both aesthetics and sustainability in mind, blending bold graphics with paper materials.