From Newspaper Beer Labels to Branded Cat Camps

 - Aug 30, 2015
Through campaigns, pop-up shops and unexpected new product lines, many of the most popular August 2015 branding ideas strive to make a product or service into an integral part of a particular lifestyle.

Some of the most unusual new products and services that brands have stamped their names on include Johnnie Walkers's moustache wax for men, the Purina ONE Cat Camp and yoga brand Lululemon's Curiosity Lager. Although branding and packaging can be one of the best ways to reach a customer by building recognition, Coca-Cola released a line of cans without logos to encourage people to stop labeling one another.

A number of other brands are also playing with pop-ups as temporary spaces to get across a certain message. Lipton Ice Tea recently set up a refreshing 100-meter urban water slide, while McDonald’s went upscale with its 24-hour installation in Tokyo.