Johnnie Walkers's Hair Wax Pairs Well with the Johnnie and Ginger Flavor

As if moustache hair wax wasn't already a product that's niche enough, Johnnie Walker's take on the grooming wax specifically appeals to male whiskey drinkers with facial hair. Johnnie Walker's Boldest Moustache Wax comes in three styles: Piperine Pepper, Citrus Essence or Ginger Root, which are scented in order to leave intensify the enjoyment of sipping on 'Johnnie & Ginger,' a combination of Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey, ginger ale and a wedge of lime.

The wax is made from 100 percent natural beeswax and is only available through Huckle The Barber in East London.

Now that many consumers are interested in exploring unusual flavors, products like these are emerging to involve more than just one of the senses in the tasting process and shift the experience of eating or drinking.