These Contact Lenses are Packaged in Black & White Optotype Boxes

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
These clever packages designed for contact lenses are branded with an eye exam label that uses an optotype of writing. The simple package uses the traditional eye exam format with a white background and black writing.

The packing is anything but boring because the creative and cohesive flow of the words and letters represents the product in a unique yet obvious way. The package was created by Hong Kong designer Zero.

Conlori contact lenses use this package to present its product with the brand name written on the lower section on the front face of the triangular box. The label also includes the materials used, the amount of days each contact lens is good for and the brand's slogan "luminate your vision." This slogan is written in clear eye exam style with each letter slightly spaced out.