- Aug 18, 2015
Whether you are in need of a new fragrance or interested in floral aromatherapy, lavender is the perfect ingredient for a wide variety of products. Known for its aromatic scent and its beautiful purple hue, lavender is a popular addition to many cosmetics. Beyond its aesthetic qualities, lavender also boasts natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the most popular uses of lavender is in products designed to induce sleep. The sweet yet calming scent provides a natural form of floral aromatherapy that can help lull anyone into a state of relaxation. Some of these popular nighttime products include aromatherapy eye packs, soothing sleep sprays and herb-infused oils.

Beyond its sleep-inducing qualities, lavender is also believed to help soothe insect bites, burns and headaches. The flower's anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect natural remedy for many common ailments. For instance, lavender is used to make products such as chemical-free bug sprays, natural allergy kits and even headache-erasing markers.

From Soothing Sleep Sprays to Floral Aromatherapy Soaps: