This Saje Set Supplies a Variety of Natural Sleep Aids

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: saje
In a market that's saturated with countless apps, medicine and other products to support insomnia management, many consumers are seeking restful nights with help from only natural sleep aids.

The 'Sleep Well Kit' from Saje takes a holistic approach to preparing the body for sleep. From the Lavender Bath Salts to sleep-inducing oils, mists and eye masks, the kit uses aromatherapy and other items to induce relaxation naturally. Some of the healing scents used in this Saje kit include marjoram, ylang-ylang, orange and vanilla may not be cure-alls to eliminate insomnia and other serious sleep disorders, but they are useful as part of a routine to create a soothing evening of sleep.

Since huge parts of the United States alone admit to having difficulty falling asleep, experimenting with these natural remedies couldn't hurt.