The Valentina Habit Breaker Hand Scrub Will Help You Stop Biting Your Nails

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: valentinashomebrewed & refinery29
If you're that someone that struggles with biting your nails then you should give the Valentina Habit Breaker salt scrub a try. This all-natural scrub is infused with essential oils that are designed to help you feel calm and serene so you won't feel the need to chop down on your fingers.

Nail biting is a nervous tick that many of us struggle with when we're stressed, nervous or anxious. Cosmetic brand Valentia created this all-natural salt scrub exfoliant infused with the essential oils of cedarwood, lavender and orange. These oils are meant to soothe your mind through the sense of smell and provide you with a calmed sense of reality. Simply scrub your hands and cuticles with this exfoliant and you won't feel the need to bite your nails again.