Bulmers' Black and White Bar is Completely Devoid of Color

 - Jul 13, 2015
References: billetto & psfk
Popular UK cider brand 'Bulmers,' recently opened a black and white bar that is completely devoid of color. In this minimalist London bar, the only color that stands out is that of the drinks being served.

The new 'Bulmers #LiveColourful Bar' is the world's first black and white bar and the idea behind the establishment is to maintain an environment that is almost entirely color-free. In the Bulmers bar, everything from the food to the staff is completely devoid of color. The only real source of color in the bar comes from the Blumers cider, which is available in a range of bold and vibrant hues.

While this bar may make you think you've stepped into a black and white film, the monochrome environment certainly offers a unique experience.