From Savory Cocktail Pop-Ups to Kombucha-Inspired Beers

 - Aug 4, 2015
The top August 2015 drinking trends showcase a variety of at-home recipes, branding innovations and concepts bars that point to the progression of an industry.

Heathrow's Pimm's croquet experience provided an immersive experienced that highlighted the Duty Free sale on the brand's products. The activation featured a mini croquet course in a playful garden-inspired setting that offered passengers a complementary Pimm's beverage after completion of the game.

The William Street Beer Co, a new microbrewery in Cobourg, Ontario, employs seaside-inspired branding with images of seagulls, mermaids and fish netting.

The HoneyMoon Brewery in New Mexico recently introduced a kombucha-inspired beer that boasts the healthful benefits of the fermented tea drink.

The top August 2015 drinking trends highlight the various ways in which the push toward experience-based branding continues to define alcohol and beverage marketing.