The Packaging for Gillemore Gin is Inspired by Black Magic

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: lovelypackage
Gillmore Gin is a new Belgian spirit that boasts dynamic gin branding that uses powerful images inspired by dark rituals and black magic. The visual branding and packaging was created by Skinn Branding Agency based on the creator's vision of a magic-inspired brand.

The 'magical gin' is contained in opaque black scientific flask with a cork stopper kept in place but a white label and delicate wording in a white san serif font. Gillmore Gin's logo features a dizzying spiral and directly positions the product as 'magical.' The front of the bottle also makes note of the product's small-batch distilling methods, which takes place in a traditional copper pot still.

Gillmore Gin is a premium gin brand founded by Louis Gillemon, a 19-year-old entrepreneur.