These Glow in the Dark Labels Add a Playful Twist to the Nightlife Scene

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Creative agency Braind has designed these glowing cocktail labels for Proshyan Brandy Factory's 'HookUp' vodka-based beverage. Each label actually glows in the dark, making it a playful accessory in clubs, bars and late-night eateries.

In the light, these glowing cocktail labels are white with black sketches of tiny aliens and monster doodles covering the entire cocktail can or bottle. When the lights are out and the darkness sets in, the labels immediately change and the once black sketches turn a vivid green, pink, red or purple neon hue depending on the drink flavor. The once white label changes to pure black.

Each can or bottle has a single colored logo on the front that matches its glowing color and reflects the flavor of either lime, cherry, melon or banana strawberry.