From Upcycled Scarf Hats to Personalized Inflight Magazines

 - Jul 26, 2015
Personalization in products continues to be paramount in the top July 2015 customization ideas, but it is being amplified with the aid of technology for a super tailored experience. A great example of this how TAM Airlines created individualized magazines for a traveler's reading pleasure, featuring curated content based upon likes and preferences shared on Facebook.

Although there is pleasure to be found in creating something of your own design from scratch and having it be exactly to your specifications, there are a number of kits, products and services being offered to assist with the collection of resources and consumption of valuable time. Examples of this include the clip-on Snap furniture supports, Ksenia Schnaider's online dress-building platform, JGoods' Custom Sneaker Kit and mākgoods' modular artwork. Perhaps most impressively of all, researchers from Nanyang Technological University created a platform where people can design their own flat-pack furniture.

Now that brands can so easily collect consumer data, people are expecting to be able to pick and choose exactly what is to their liking on-demand, versus picking a generic product off of an assembly line.