The 'Everblock' Bricks are Larger Versions of the Classic LEGO Blocks

The new 'Everblock' set of life-sized building blocks is a dream come true for both adults and children. Essentially a set of massive LEGO bricks, the Everblock set is a series of modular-building blocks that are large enough to facilitate the construction of nearly any object. With the ability to construct, take apart and re-assemble any structure, these fun blocks can help to turn an imaginative idea into a life-sized creation.

Shaped exactly like traditional LEGO blocks, the Everblock pieces have a modular shape that allows them to be stacked on top of one another without the use of any tools or glue. The pieces come in sizes ranging from three to 12 inches, which make them large enough for creating anything from furniture to small buildings.

With fun colors and a familiar design, these life-sized building blocks are sure to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.