From Family-Specific Suites to Structured Hotel Kids' Clubs

 - Jan 17, 2017
While it may seem as though hospitality groups are focusing the majority of their energy on millennials travelers, there is still a strong demand for family-friendly accommodations. As a result, many hospitality brands are rethinking how they meet the needs of modern families.

With travel becoming increasingly accessible to families, there is a need for hotels that can comfortably accommodate multiple people for longer periods of time. For instance, the Holiday Inn had created KidSuites in many of its properties that afford families a little bit of extra privacy during their stay. Similarly, brands such as Hilton have started creating family-friendly accommodations with pop culture themes that surprise and delight children.

Aside from making sure families have a comfortable place to sleep, there is also the issue of making sure travelers of all ages are entertained during their stay. As a result, brands have begun offering more fun and educational activities for children, infants and teens. Some examples of these kid-friendly amenities include the Anassa Hotel's Kids' Club, the MAX! program by Marriott Rewards and Keystone Resort's family fitness sessions.