Marriott Rewards' MAX! Program Caters to Multigenerational Families

In an effort to cater to the changing needs of multigenerational families in the Asia-Pacific region, Marriott Rewards has created a program called 'MAX!' that ensures everyone enjoys their vacation.

MAX! is a program by Marriott Rewards that aims to enrich the experience of multigenerational families staying at Marriott properties. This includes activities designed to nurture and inspire children based on four key measures: Be Active, Stay Curious, Go Explore and Just Relax. Activities that fall under these pillars include everything from cooking classes and Zumba to art lessons and outdoor adventures. While children are occupied with these activities, parents can sit back and enjoy a bit of personal time and relaxation.

The MAX! program demonstrates how hotel chains such as Marriott are catering to modern families by offering enriching experiences for adults and their children.