- Feb 25, 2017
As the February 2017 travel trends reveal, hotels, airlines and hospitality brands are looking to cater to demographics that have previously been underserved by the travel industry, such as Muslim travelers, multigenerational families and adventure-seeking millennials.

These days, Muslim travelers are one of the fastest growing demographics, meaning many hotels are scrambling to accommodate their needs. This includes everything from serving halal-friendly food to setting up easily accessible prayer rooms. Allegrini Amenities is even creating halal bath products for hotels looking to better accommodate their Muslim guests.

On the other hand, there is a simultaneous rise in the number of travelers seeking more adventurous experiences. Part of this is driven by thrill-seeking millennials turning to exotic locales such as Antarctica. But as the February 2017 travel trends reveal, this shift is also driven by families who are choosing more active and athletic vacations such as those organized by the British tour operator PGL.

From Halal-Friendly Game Lodges to Multigenerational Hotel Perks: