'Allegrini Amenities' are Halal-Certified Amenities for Muslim Travelers

This past September, OS&E International unveiled a new line of Allegrini Amenities-branded halal-certified bath products at the 17th edition of The Hotel Show Dubai. With Muslim tourism on the rise in countries around the world, these halal-friendly amenities help hotels accommodate the needs of Muslim travelers.

The new lineup of halal-certified hotel products from Allegrini Amenities includes a variety of bath products, including a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and soap. Each of the products is made without the use of animal derivatives or ethyl alcohol and was manufactured in facilities that meet strict ethical and environmental codes. In addition to the halal-certification, each of the products is also eco-friendly and packaged in recyclable bottles.

With a growing number of hotels looking to accommodate Muslim travelers, these halal-friendly bath products are a small example of an ongoing shift in the hospitality industry.