The Al Meroz Hotel in Bangkok Caters to Muslim Travelers

As Thailand's first halal hotel, the Al Meroz hotel in Bangkok demonstrates the changing face of Thai tourism. With Muslim travelers increasingly choosing the Southeast Asian country as a top travel destination, Thailand is clearly making an effort to cater to the specific needs of Muslim visitors.

Open since November of 2016, the Al Meroz hotel in Bangkok is a four-star destination for Muslim travelers. The entire hotel is designed to cater to the needs of Muslim guests, with its mosque-style architecture, designated prayer rooms and spacious halal dining rooms. The hotel is also located close to The Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand, which hosts regular religious services for the city's Muslim community. Additionally, the entire hotel is alcohol-free and all the food served is Halal-certified.

For Muslim travelers eager to visit Thailand's bustling capital, the Al Meroz hotel is a luxurious option.