The Syariah Hotel Fujisan Caters to Muslims Travelers in Japan

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: booking & insidejapantours
With Muslim travel growing at an unprecedented pace, Japan's new Syariah Hotel Fujisan is attempting to cater to the needs of this largely underserved segment of the population. Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, the hotel is expected to be a premier destination for Muslim travelers to Japan.

The Syariah Hotel Fujisan is a hotel that is specifically aimed at attracting Muslim guests. The hotel itself features special amenities such a prayer room and a halal-friendly menu. This means that all the pork has been removed from the menu and replaced with beef to recreate some of Japan's traditional dishes. The hotel also has prayer mats on hand for borrowing and each room is outfitted with an arrow that points in the direction of Mecca.

With a growing number of tourists from Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia visiting Japan, the new hotel helps to meet the specific needs of these travelers.