'White Desert' Offers an Authentic Look at Antarctica's Interior

 - Jan 23, 2017
References: white-desert
White Desert is a tour company committed to showing its guests "the real Antarctica." Though there are plenty of cruises that skirt the peripheral shore line and even let people go on excursions around the edge, none of these companies give people the opportunity to explore the interior of the continent. This interior, the "real" area to which White Desert refers, is what the company's guests get to see.

Though Antarctica is certainly a hostile environment, White Desert is committed to giving guests as comfortable an experience as possible. The base camp's tents are likened to the old-world luxury of 19th century explorers, with brass coverings and warm, inviting interiors fit for reading and lounging.

In terms of adventure, White Desert takes advantage of all that the southernmost continent has to offer. After settling into the camp, guests will fly to a remote piece of coastline to see emperor penguins and later head into the interior to explore the geographic south pole.