From Self-Balancing Motorcycles to Supercar Funeral Hearses

 - Jan 29, 2017
The 2016 auto trends show just how diverse the world of transportation is. Superficially, cars might seem like a relatively narrow field, but that mindset ignores the proliferation of different types of vehicles and the different aspects of autos that interest various people.

As the fascinating concept cars of the 2016 auto trends show, there are many who are interested in a vehicle's design just as much as its functionality. The Chery FV2030 debuted at Auto China 2016 with gull wing doors and carbon fiber tires, and the Rolls Royce Vision concept is a coupe that hides its tires completely.

While the cars aren't usually treated very kindly in discussions about the environment, many vehicles have both a low impact on the earth and help their owners to see it better. Dozens of unique and practical trailers and camper vans have sprung up in 2016, a testament to many consumers' desires to get out into nature in an increasingly manufactured world. To better understand this type of consumer thinking, Trend Hunter's annual innovation conference dives into these ideas and more.