This Pickup Truck Camper Lets You Pick and Choose Features and Add-Ons

 - May 28, 2016
References: bundutecusa & gizmag
Pickup truck campers are great to have around if you're someone who's into getting out there and exploring the outdoors, but BundutecUSA has decided to up the ante by offering a camper that is designed to make it easier than ever for you to take advantage of the features that you need the most.

Dubbed the Bivak, this particular pickup truck camper features a basic setup that allows you to enjoy the benefits of mobile camping whilst spending less than $3,500. This base version of the Bivak includes a 17-gallon water tank, water pump, LED lighting and an electrical layout. If you need more fancy amenities, you can pay up and enjoy features such as an electric roof tent, foam mattress, refrigerator, butane stove and more.

This pickup truck camper embraces a model wherein customers don't find themselves paying over the odds for features that they don't need, enabling them to make efficient use of their camper.