The Timberleaf is Scaled Down to Size for Functionality and Portability

 - May 7, 2016
References: timberleaftrailers & hiconsumption
Since living on the road can require most consumers to scale down their possessions for portability, the Timberleaf is a compact camping trailer that is designed to provide motility as well as functionality as a home. The camper is smaller than the average car, providing a comfortable place to sleep, a fully operational kitchen and views of the great outdoors while travelling on the road.

Camping is an activity that is based on functionality and practicality, leaving unnecessary belongings behind. The Timberleaf keeps to this theme, providing only the basic necessities for outdoor mobile living while still maintaining a sense of luxury and familiarity. The inside pod replicates a small-scale bedroom with a bed, windows and few shelves while the back unit opens into a kitchenette for cooking.