The GyroCycle Stabilizes Itself with a Gyroscopic System

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: thrustcycle
Though it may look like something out of a Japanese manga series, the technology behind the GyroCycle self-balancing motorcycle is very real. The company that developed the technology, Thrustcycle Enterprises, will introduce the newly designed GyroCycle in the near future.

As the name indicates, a gyroscopic system keeps the GyroCycle upright when at a standstill and greatly improves stability when in motion. The self-balancing function is said to give the rider more control while increasing safety at the same time.

Though the idea has recently gained popularity with BMW unveiling its Vision Next 100 self-stabilizing motorcycle concept, Thrustcycle has been perfecting its vision for nearly eight years. The additional entrance of Beijing-based Lingyun Intelligent Technology to the gyroscopically stabilized vehicle race is further indication that bigger entities are starting to see the merit of the idea.

With the GyroCycle, Thrustcycle Enterprises is focusing on getting the technology to market. The race for the future of urban mobility seems to be well under way.