The BMW Titan Concept is Aerodynamic and Fiercely Geometrical

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: yankodesign & yankodesign
Though only a concept, the BMW Titan can turn heads even in composite drawings. The aggressively canted high-speed motorcycle design, if adapted into a physical vehicle based on designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem's drawings, has the potential to touch the landspeed record for motorcycles: an astonishing 376 miles per hour.

The aerodynamics of the design were inspired by a shark's hydrodynamics, with a completely airtight front nose that tapers to expose air intake "gills" along the side of the vehicle. Inside the enclosed cockpit, the instrument cluster is custom-made for expert riders, and includes advanced metrics like suspension status, cooling system operation and area-specific temperatures. Finally, the turbo-powered engine connects to the rear tire via an enclosed swingarm. According to Erdem, this provides "a cleaner look and enhance[d] aerodynamics."

The BMW Titan concept shows an independent designer's willingness to approach established brands with radical ideas.