The New BMW 7 Series Cars Feature Truly Opulent Interiors

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: press.bmwgroup & gizmag
The brand new BMW 7 Series vehicles comprise a pair of hyper-exclusive limousines that are designed for people with a taste in the very finest of material things, and deep pockets to back up their refined taste.

The 7 Series Master Class and Solitaire Edition are powered by a twin-turbo V8 750 lithium-ion xDrive setup. However, the most eye-catching aspect of the new BMW 7 Series offerings is the pure and unadulterated luxury found in the interior fittings. The seats are made of fine-grain Merino leather crafted together from flawless hides that are re-tanned and vacuum dried in a manner akin to luxury wallets and bags rather than car upholstery.

The back seat of the car is designed with a bar and cooler, and even the luggage compartment is made of high-quality Alcantara. Ultimately, these vehicles are true luxury limousines designed with the back seat passenger in mind first and foremost.