This Vehicle Offers Customizable Versatility At a Reasonable Price

 - Jun 24, 2016
References: base4x4 & gizmag
Base 4x4 has gone ahead and developed a powerful, convenient and versatile Mitsubishi Fuso-based expedition truck that allows users to enjoy a customizable expedition vehicle experience at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

This particular expedition truck has a 110-inch wheelbase and is capable of sleeping anywhere between three and five people on its platform, cabin bed and rear cab bed. It comes with a range of regular equipment options including 79.5-liter fresh and grey water tanks, a sink, toilet and shower as well as an electrical system. This basic version of the truck will cost only around $95,000, although this figure goes up if you want more luxuries and amenities.

This expedition truck is a fine purchase for anyone who likes the idea of shelling out a reasonable sum of money first and then think about upgrades and add-ons later.