The PodRide Lets You Get Around Easily In Different Environments

 - Apr 8, 2016
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The PodRide is an exceptionally innovatively engineered and designed pedal-powered car, designed by none other than the talented Swedish designer and engineer Mikael Kjellman, that is a work that is just as peculiar as it is intelligent, seeing as how it combines features of bicycles and cars.

This vehicle weighs in at 70 g and is equipped with four wheels for stability. It is fitted with pedals that users can use to propel the vehicle forward, although this human power can quickly and easily be augmented by the 250-watt crankshaft motor that enables this pedal-powered car to attain a top speed of 25 km/h. The battery, once fully charged, can offer a range of up to 60 km.

Ultimately, the PodRide pedal-powered car is perfect for urban commuting and transportation due to its compact structure and easy-to-use design and workings.