From Autonomous Taxi Services to Driverless Racing Cars

 - May 30, 2016
These May 2016 concept cars range from autonomous taxi cabs to driverless racing autos that are designed to surpass existing speed records. Standouts include The Shell Project's 'M' concept vehicle that promotes fuel efficiency with the help of the oil company's patented bespoke lubricants.

Other notable examples range from multi-terrain tactical vehicles to driverless commuter cabs that paint a futuristic vision of what lies ahead in the public transit sphere. While Singapore's GRT transportation pods aim to reduce pollution with a hyper-convenient and sustainable solution for urban commuters, PodRide's pedal-powered concept cars are designed for avid cyclists. Those looking to carry large loads while traveling without a car can get active while getting from point a to point b more conveniently that ever before.

These May 2016 concept cars are both creative and environmentally friendly, painting a picture of what the future of the ever-evolving automotive industry has in store.