From Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks to Invisible Urban Trains

 - May 29, 2016
3D-printed planes, virtually invisible trains and pedal-powered cars are just a few of the top May 2016 transportation ideas that are emerging to improve the way people get around in the near future. Some of the most noteworthy news in relation to the future of transportation included the successful landing of the Solar Impulse 2 in California following its fuel-free journey across the Pacific.

People who are excited about the future of autonomous cars will be pleased to know that Beverly Hills has plans to implement a system to improve public transportation in the future, while nuTonomy is launching a fleet of fully self-driving taxis in Singapore.

Alongside these cutting-edge innovations in transport vehicles, there are also a number of systems being put in place to ensure the continued safety for pedestrians. For instance, Paris' Place de la Bastille is undergoing a redesign to increase foot traffic, while the Toronto Transit Commission launched a new print awareness campaign on pedestrian safety.