The UFO is a Livable Water Station With the Design of a UFO

 - Apr 17, 2016
References: jetcapsule & designboom
The 'UFO' water station is a floating facility designed by Italian transportation brand Jet Capsule that offers livable accommodations on a buoyant space that sits on top of the water. The capsule features an above water platform as well as quarters located down below with an architectural design inspired by extraterrestrial spaceships.

The station features a saucer-like aesthetic with two separated living areas that offer a full range of appliances and rooms similar to a home located on land. The upper deck features a circular patio that floats above the water with a kitchen and outdoor space while the sub quarters offers a bathroom as well as an oceanic viewing pod. The abode is designed to move seamlessly through different bodies of water, while providing a futuristic living space for guests.Photo Credits: designboom, jetcapsule