The Freygeist Classic Bike Features a Hidden Electric Drive

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: freygeist-bikes & gizmag
The Freygeist Classic is a lightweight electric bike that is designed to make electric riding more seamless than ever.

This particular e-bike is powered by a 33 Volt, 337 Watt-hour Panasonic lithium-ion battery that is hidden out of the way by being encased within the down tube of the bike. To the naked eye, this contraption looks like just a conventional diamond bike frame but in actuality, it contains a powerful battery that connects to an also-compact rear hub motor to boost up your ride.

At 12 kg, this bike is a veritable featherweight, which allows it to offer an excellent range between 70 and 100 km.

The Freygeist Classic is truly an accomplishment as far as lightweight electric bike is concerned, as it truly is an all-round package with its light weight, high-powered setup and elegant design.