From Commute-Mapping Bicycles to Off-Road Electric Bikes

 - Apr 1, 2016
As consumers increasingly demand more eco-friendly forms of transportation, manufacturers have developed innovative e-bikes that can adapt to a wide variety of conditions. Whether consumers are using their e-bike to get to work on time or whether they are exploring rural areas, e-bikes are quickly becoming a popular form of transportation.

Electric bicycles are extremely popular among urban commuters because they provide a quick and convenient alternative to driving. As a result, e-bike manufacturers have turned to new technology to adapt their products to the urban environment. For example, the CMYK 4.0 collects road data from other cyclists to help consumers plan out their morning commute. Another example is the Gi FlyBike, which is integrated with a smart app that allows friends and family to unlock the bike and borrow it when necessary.

Beyond urban commuters, there are many e-bike innovations that cater to the more adventurous crowd. For instance, the Bultaco Brinco has three different riding modes that can be adjusted based on different terrains. In contrast, the Electrified S boasts advanced smartphone controls that help users stay connected while they are out riding.