The MicroSHIFT 'eXCD' Shifting System is Cost-Effective

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: & gizmag
There are definitely other electric bicycle shifting systems on the market, but none are quite like the MicroSHIFT 'eXCD' Shifting System. Designed to be much less costly than other systems on the market, the device offers up to six hours of shifting with each charge of the batteries.

While other systems on the market have a wireless design aesthetic, the MicroSHIFT 'eXCD' Shifting System cuts costs by using a wired connection. This enables the device to operate seamlessly without the associated cost.

Riding a bicycle has become a mainstay form of transportation for many different consumers around the world. As it continues to rise in popularity, the need for more affordable yet advanced solutions will likely rise in unison, which this device looks to satisfy.